Big Foot -Beverly Mayeri 2016L.jpg

The Big Foot 2016

Many of my pieces are about our connection to nature and the beauty and fragility of life.

 The Big Foot 2016 highlights vulnerable species in our environment. These animals and plants are in trouble because our environmental footprint is too large. Many of these endangered species -- native plants, whales, frogs, butterflies, fish - are located here in California and maybe we can help them survive.

 4.5 feet up the foot there is a water line representing the expected rise in sea level if we don’t abolish our fossil fuel use soon. Images of the species go up to this water line.  So in this sculpture our carbon and environmental footprints—our human footprints -- are too big for a healthy planet.

 On the Big Foot there are images of all of the 164 endangered species in California.  The list came from the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  They also have an article describing the work in more detail.  Stories about most of the species are on Wikipedia.

The Big Foot 2016 was completed during my one-month residency at the de Young Museum, December 2015, and was on display at the Bioneer’s Conference in San Rafael, California, October 2016.  It is 68” high, 72” long, 24”wide and weighs about 40 lbs. It’s now at my studio in Sausalito and is available for public display.